Piano Musik von
Gissel Velarde

Live Premier  Esencia Azul Océano Engel Neu!

Genoveva Duarte developed the choreographic idea in record time. She enhanced the live premier with a touch of freshness into her improvisations. Despite having danced on a floor unsuitable for ballet, she showed her wonderful creativity, sensitivity and musicality. This video brings together some of the colors presented on stage. Live premier of the CD "Colores en Movimiento". La Paz 6-Feb-2009. Dancer Genoveva Duarte, piano Gissel Velarde.

Photography of La Paz city, Tiwanaku, Lago Titicaca, calle Jaén, Valle de la Luna, Valle de las Animas. La Paz lies at an average elevation of 3600 meters above sea level. The Department of La Paz has many touristc attractions including the Titicaca Lake, the Tiwanaku ruins and a geography that ranges from the Cordillera de los Andes to the lush tropics. Esencia. Music and Photography: Gissel Velarde.
This video combines the title "Azul Océano" with the wonderful photography of Javier Garcia, inlcuding beaches of Mallorca, Guatemala, Honduras, Morocco and Titicaca lake.
Das Ballett-Video Wie in einem Traum (Como en un Sueño ) wurde im Frühjahr 2012 gedreht. Carolina Mercado u.Genoveva Duarte, soloists. Gissel Velarde, klavier.
© Gissel Velarde
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